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Apr 28, 2018


by the PRESIDENT/Rector of the International University
Fundamental Studies (IUFS)
Santhi Jayasekera (Mahatma Shanti)

 Greetings to all seekers of Truth! All those who are well aware of how high the demand for specialists with fundamental knowledge is, but also how difficult and sometimes cruel is the selection of personnel in our demanding and uncompromising times. 

The doors of the International University of Fundamental Studies and Inter-University Higher Academic Council (IUHAC) Learning are always open for all those who decided to get universal education, to master the latest worldview, and most importantly – to get the desired request for their qualification, to become necessary in business, production, creativity!

Our University is a unique and really new, by its nature and purpose, higher educational institution in the world. Proceeding from the needs of time, material and spiritual development of mankind, everyone and everybody, IUFS on a fundamentally new philosophical and methodological basis carries out a multilevel educational process.

The aim, subject and result of education at IUFS is the interaction of different kinds of beginnings aimed at the realisation of such a fundamental principle of education as the interaction of education and upbringing.

Having a highly qualified teaching staff, IFFE forms in its students a thinking and behavioural “paradigm of interaction”, which they assimilate themselves and make available to others. This “paradigm of interaction” is inherently opposed to the “paradigm of violence”, which has already brought and can still bring much grief and suffering to all people of our troubled planet. By its geopolitical position, Russia and St Petersburg are particularly suitable for real and vital interaction between the peoples of West and East, North and South. And IUFS is rightly the centre of such interaction.

The International University of Fundamental Studies exists for all those who wish to acquire new knowledge and practical skills in accordance with the new methodology of education, created on the basis of programmes of the Oxford Educational Network.

On behalf of the Rectorate and the Academic Council I address with a proposal to all those who wish to receive education necessary for their successful life and activity in the XXI century, to enter the International University of Fundamental Learning.

With hope for co-operation and wishing success!

Rector of IUFO, President of IUFS, Academician, Professor, Personal Counsellor to His Royal Highness Prince Seborga Government of the Principality of Seborga, Mahatma Santhi Jayasekera

President of IUHAC, Paris

President World Academy Cinematography, Paris

Editor-in-chief “Les Scientifiques français” ,

Editor-in-Chief “World Scientists” World Scientists

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