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The crisis is surmountable : Speech by Santi Jayasekera


Jan 31, 2024

The crisis is surmountable : Speech by Santi Jayasekera
Dear Colleagues!
As you know, the systemic crisis of modern science has been repeatedly discussed and talked about in various audiences, and various measures and ways to overcome it have been proposed and suggested, unfortunately without success so far.
It is time to say with all frankness and certainty that at the heart of the systemic crisis of modern science, first of all, lies the crisis of modern philosophy. Science always relies on philosophy, which really contributes to the progressive development of science.
Time has shown that historically and logically the traditional philosophies (materialism, idealism, dualism, agnosticism) have already outlived themselves.
We see that modern science is based primarily on materialism, which, in essence, is one-sidedly limited, and now appears in a variety of manifestations, sometimes quite bizarre.
Thus philosophy is considered to be: “mind game”, “pre-understanding metaphysics”, “sophisticated-abstract self-expression”, “remote observation”, etc. All of these are essentially very far from reality and from true science.
In reality there is not and cannot be any “primordiality” and no “monism” of the material beginning, which distorts and simplifies reality.
Reality is a “binary” interaction of the sovereign material and spiritual principles as their complementarity, mutual enrichment, mutual refinement and partial mutual transition into each other.
Spirituality is an inner attitude (predisposition, readiness) inherent in reality itself, animate and inanimate, and oriented towards its material expression.
Philosophy offers and justifies the real comprehension and explanation of the real essence of all and always being in interaction, material and spiritual, real phenomena, material and spiritual, existing outside and independent of their perception, and gives a fundamental reference point for a variety of human activities, material and spiritual. Theory and practice constantly interact materially and spiritually.
At the heart of philosophy, corresponding to reality and necessary to science, lies the idea of interaction in its most diverse manifestations, objective and subjective.
Especially clearly and impressively its theoretical and practical impotence of traditional materialistic philosophy as “monism” and science theoretically and practically based on such philosophy showed in the conditions of the modern coronavirus pandemic.
The purely materialistic approach to the coronavirus and to the creation of a vaccine against it has proved essentially fruitless in an effective and positive way.
The fact is that in the virus itself, as in the interaction of material and spiritual principles, the spiritual beginning, which is essentially negative and therefore destructive to man, clearly dominates. It is by its inherent active spiritual beginning that the virus penetrates through the spiritual beginning of the cell into the cell itself, destroys its structure from within and makes the cell damaged by the virus avalanche-like pathogenic.
As a stimulant of coronavirus pathogenic activation and the real basis for its appearance and manifestation is the negative state of a person (depression, stress), which can be overcome by the person himself in various ways, externally and internally.
A vaccine against coronavirus, in order to become really effective, must somehow include in its structure a positive spiritual beginning opposing the negative spiritual beginning of coronavirus and strengthening immunity as a positive spiritual beginning preventing the coronavirus from penetrating into the human body.
So far this has not been done in any form in the creation of the vaccine, which will certainly affect its actual effectiveness.
You can read more about the essence of the coronavirus and its treatment in Professor A.N. Jesuitov’s article “On the Coronavirus” in the International Journal “Spirit of Time”, 2020, No. 24 (Internet).
At present, unsuccessful attempts to overcome the coronavirus have only “irritated” and “angered” it and therefore activated its negative impact on the human body, the “second wave” of the coronavirus, which is already coming, may therefore become more dangerous and painful for humanity than the “first wave”. This must be kept in mind and respond to such a coronavirus challenge with urgency.
In a word, theory and practice convince us that it is on the path already laid down by the “Philosophy of Interaction” that modern science will be able to overcome its systemic crisis and respond positively to the most diverse challenges of the time.
Thank you for your attention.

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