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Greeting 10th World Scientific Congress


Jan 31, 2020

Dear colleagues, dear friends!

Two truly significant dates have brought us together in this hospitable hall: 20 years of the IFFO and 10 years of the WNC.

In our turbulent and dynamic times, when many things appear quickly and disappear no less quickly, the 20-year existence of the IFFO and the decade of the WNC are truly historically significant events and dates.

First of all, I would like to congratulate on the anniversary the veterans who stood at the origins of the formation of the MUFO-IUFS. I will not mention their names so as not to forget or miss anyone. People themselves know who they are. Many have already left us, to all of them we bring our grateful memory.

I want to thank all the organisers of the WNC and the many speakers at the WNC. I will not list them either, lest someone be forgotten or overlooked. We know them all well and recognise their significant and undoubted contribution to world science. I would like to thank the officials and all guests of our 10th WNC who honoured it with their presence and kind attention to the IUFO and the WNC.

I now give the floor for greetings to the IUFO and the WNC on their momentous anniversaries.


I would like to sincerely thank all the speakers for their appreciation of our activities and good wishes for the future, and we will try to justify them.

Dear colleagues, dear friends, we have already held 10 WNCs with you. This testifies to the fact that our Congresses have become a really urgent need for the development of modern science, and the scientists of the world really consider such Congresses an organic part of their own scientific life. These are, indeed, truly our, truly global and truly scientific congresses, which have become vital and necessary for the entire modern world and not only the scientific world.
The 10th WNC is largely summarising and at the same time forward-looking.
At the previous WNC the most urgent problems of the world science, positive and negative tendencies in it were considered, the ways of real exit of the world science from the system crisis were offered and substantiated.
Here are the topics of the WNCs: “New directions in science” (2009); “Science in the modern world” (2010); “Systemic crisis and the role of science in overcoming it” (2011); “Science for man and humanity. What Modern Science Gives and Can Give to Man and Mankind” (2012); Jubilee Fifth WNC: “Results and Prospects” (2013); “Traditional and New in Modern Science” (2014); “Originality in Science and Art” (2015); “New in Science: Explained and Unexplained” (2016); “New Ideas in Science and Their Practical Implementation” (2017).
Outstanding creative personalities, domestic and foreign, have performed and realised themselves at the WNC. They are the ones who drive and develop genuine science.
10 WNC will be an impressive audiovisual demonstration of what many creative personalities have already done in science, what they themselves consider their main and enduring scientific achievement, and what they have yet to do, thanks to their own impressive theoretically and practically significant self-realisation in their published fields of science.
Truly creative individuals are inherent in both the various arts and truly innovative science.
Two new negative trends have emerged in the ongoing systemic crisis in contemporary world science: the subordination of science to management external to it, and the attempt to replace with “artificial intelligence” (robot) the natural intelligence, which is highly inherent in the creative personality and is far from being exhausted. Both trends are fundamentally unsound. It is creative personalities that are capable of their successful self-governance, really conditioning the progressive development of science, and the transformation of a creative personality into a robot is doomed to failure in advance. Creative personalities are inexhaustibly viable and do not depend on any conjuncture.
Art and science need creative personalities. At the same time, creative personalities in art and in science differ significantly from each other.
In art the creative personality reproduces, as if anew creates the real world, material and spiritual, as it imagines it. In science, the creative person reveals and explains the real world, material and spiritual, which already exists outside and independently of her, at best modelling it. Art spiritually and realistically mediates a positive impact on the human being. Science can and should directly practically bring real benefits to man, material and spiritual, social and individual.
Material investments are necessary for science for its real existence and development, at the same time it is not the investments themselves that move and develop science, but new fundamental ideas that are put forward and substantiated by truly creative individuals. Money for science, not science for money. Scientific creativity is in the name and for the benefit of man, everyone and everything. For any new technology, first of all, new fundamental ideas are needed, which are put forward and justified by creative individuals. Unfortunately, conservative official science has no such ideas.
The leading and guiding idea of all WNCs, including the 10th WNC, is, in accordance with reality, the idea of interaction of various beginnings, ultimately, material and spiritual, which gives the work of WNCs a purposeful character and allows all creative personalities participating in the work of WNCs to reveal themselves more deeply.
The participants of the 10 WNCs have such creative potential, which can improve and develop the whole world science, paving new and promising paths in it.
In conclusion, I would like to wish all participants of our Congress every success and a good and true scientific journey dear colleagues and friends.

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